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Townsend Hook - the roof goes on.

TH roof fitting
December 2015

Townsend Hook's tanks are fitted

TH tanks
November 2015

A brief Townsend Hook update

Another TH update
July 2015

Polar Bear's Birthday Party - 110 not out!

Polar Bear is 110
14 June 2015

May 2015 marked the 110th Anniversary of Polar Bear's construction and entry into service at Groudle Glen. So what did we do? We had a party - yes, of course we did!

Spring Industrial Trains Day

Spring Industrial Trains Day
26 April 2015

A handful of shots of Spring Industrial Trains Day when the two-car Wickham set was used in passenger service for the first time at Amberley.

The Wanderer returns

Simplex returns
20 February 2015

The Simplex has now returned to the Museum after its sojourn in Staffordshire taking part in the "Tracks to the Trenches" event. Also on the lorry was the first arrival for our Listermania event.

Townsend Hook update

Townsend Hook progress
1 February 2015

Progress is slow especially in this cold weather but here's a quick update on the work.

Peldon - looking good

Peldon - looking hopeful
28 January 2015 (Video updated 1 March)

After much head-scratching (and a bill from Blaker's) we hope that we have cracked it this time. The video has been updated to show Peldon on driver training operations on 1 March.

UPDATE 16 May 2015: Not good news. Head gasket has blown again - more head scratching. But click the link anyway to watch the video of when we did have it running!

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