Townsend Hook's tanks are fitted.
November 2015

Fast forward to December and with the aid of the Museum's fork-lift, expertly driven and manouvred by Tony Johnson, the tanks were refitted

Gently does it. Will it fit?

Let's try from a different angle.

(I think there's some adjustments being made round there ... with an angle grinder! Something to do with fitting the tank and brake column in the wrong order.)

That should be enough. Down we go.

The lefthand tank is slid into position.

Job done. The team take a break and a photocall. L-R - Peter, Eric, Mike and Tony.

Even this winter the sun came out sometimes. TH waits for a loco to come and shunt her back into the shed.

Cab end with the tanks in place.

All ready for the roof.

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