Polar Bear is 110
14 June 2015

May 2015 marked 110 years since W G Bagnall of Stafford constructed Polar Bear and sent it across to the Isle of Man to join its older sister, Sea Lion, on the Groudle Glen Railway. We don't need much excuse to have cake so the opportunity to do so could hardly be missed.

Polar Bear in service earlier in the day.

"Come on, let's get this party started!" Where is everyone?

Oh, here they are. Martin Piggott, Museum Director, gathers his notes for a short speech. But what a great turnout.

If you want cake you have to listen to the speeches first. That's how it works.

Prince Michael of Kent, the Museum's president, had been invited but was, sadly, unable to come,

But he did send Polar Bear a congratulatory telegram which was received in the BT Connected Earth telegraph office at the Museum

We also received a greetings telegram from Nicholas Owen who, as you may recall, came to Amberley in 2013 to relaunch Polar Bear after a major refit. He had been invited to the party but was not able to make it.

Birthday cake ...

... and cup cakes ...

... oh, and the tea, all by Ann.

Thanks Ann (she does have her moments!).

And then there was Tim's shirt ...

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