Peldon Powered-up
28 January (updated 1 March)

After about 4 years of head-scratching and engine rebuilding (as well as a bill for the work!) we think we might have solved Peldon's problems - but we're not un-crossing our fingers just yet. (Unhatched chicken counting etc etc). But all credit to Mr Chris Hollis for his patience and perseverence.

Here's a short video of the the loco running under its own power for the first time in 4 years. By the way, that enormous engine packs an impressive 40hp!

An update to the video sees Peldon running some driver training trips on 1 March.

Sounding good - here's hoping.

UPDATE 16 May 2015: Sadly Peldon has, again, blown a head gasket so is out of service for the time being while we consider options. New gaskets are expensive.

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