Redcar Sidings (part 3)
March 2009 onwards

Installing the Turntable.

A large hole has been dug for the turntable. The Museum JCB was used.

Nigel squares off the sides ready for the concrete pad.

"All me own work, guv!"

Looking from the 3-way point towards the turntable pit.

Same view from slightly further away.

If Eric ever tells you he hasn't got a pot to p*ss in ....... he's lying!!

Concreting in progress. One load is spread while the next is mixed.

Roland tamps down the wet cement into the corners of the box.

Danger - men at work!

Another mix is poured ......

..... and spread.

With enough cement poured, the job of levelling can be most satisfying. Tony gets distracted.

The finishing touches.

The ground has now begun to be built up around the turntable. Polar Bear does a bit of shunting in the background.

The track leading up to the turntable from the point was then gauged and levelled.

Eric makes the final adjustments!

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