Redcar Sidings (part 2)
January 2009

Continuing the relaying of Redcar Sidings.

Into the new year and the line approaching the 3-way point was soon being gauged and spiked to new wooden sleepers.

Priority at this point was the rapid provision of a siding down by the road to receive Cloister at the end of the month.

The temporary nature of this alignment is obvious here.

But being in a straight line, we soon had several panels laid.

But nothing fell off so we figured that for one movement it would suffice.

Nearly there - it's late - the Wednesday crew can finish it off. Cloister was duly brought on site on 25 January.

After the temporary laying of the outer siding to receive Cloister in January (see separate item) we continued with the trackwork using mostly rail removed from the site last year. Some of it needed a bit of TLC and some of it had to receive more radical adjustment as seen here!

The particular panel that John Martin is working on was rather over gauge so the metal sleepers were removed
and the panel rebuilt with some more robust materials.

View looking back towards the three-way point (on which the works train is standing) with the Museum Pottery in the background.

The same view after the day's efforts. The replacement metal sleepers were obtained from Butterley a couple of years ago.

With the end of the three-way point in the foreground, the sidings are beginning to take shape.

The works wagons are taken away to collect some more rails and point components.

Peter Trinder welds the rails to the metal sleepers on the point for the new run-round.

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