Woodyard Siding revived
Preparations for the Photo Charter
May 2009

In preparation for the photo charter planned for 6 July - see the Gala Weekend pages for details -
the woodyard siding saw its first train for about 5 years to check the track.

After close of the passenger service on Wednesday 6 May, the grey battery locomotive took two wagons down into the woodyard.

The two points are set to allow the loco to shunt the wagons from the loop onto the Woodyard line.

Apart from use during Railway Gala Weekend for loco run-rounds, this section of track sees few trains.
Peter Trinder eases the train through the points towards the catch-point

At the bottom of the gradient the line swings left as it passes the saw-bench.

The end of the siding where the two wagons were left in readiness for loading.
The track seemed fairly robust considering its lack of use.

Then it was time for The Real Test

So the following Sunday we carried out a proper test run with Wendy. To get her down to Amberley
while the passenger service was still running, she was attached to the train and piloted Cloister
from Brockham to Amberley - the first time that the two have run together - ever (as far as we can work out).

The view from the train as the two locos run down the line towards Amberley.

Wendy runs onto the siding out of the station loop.

The loco driver walks ahead of the loco to check the first section.

All seems in order so he edges Wendy forward with John Martin watching closely.

The bank is a bit close here. James has doubts about the clearances

Wendy appears from behind a low-hanging branch .....

..... and down past the Arundel gin building (gin as in horse gin) .....

..... and comes to a halt on the final curve.

The curvature of the line is evident in this view.

James takes Wendy back through the undergrowth.

Wendy and Cloister double head the passenger train out of Amberley .....

..... and over the crossing towards Brockham.

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Gerry Cork & Amberley Museum - May 2009
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