Townsend Hook completion

July 2016

The early months of the year saw the work on Townsend Hook progressing at a fine pace. The final coat of paint was applied and the black lining applied to the livery.

On 8 June we had a visit from Paul Myatt and his wife, Christine, Jon Marsh, David Bailey and Tony Travis, members of the original group of enthusiasts who rescued Townsend Hook in the 1960s when the Betchworth quarries closed.

TH was posed in the sun for photographs.

They brought with them Townsend Hook's original whistle, which Tony Travis (above) had retained for safe keeping since the Brockham Museum era, and presented it to the Museum to complete the rebuild.

As usual on such occasions, there were a few short speeches.

The whistle was then handed over to our volunteers for fitting.

Paul Myatt, David Bailey and Tony Travis perch on TH's front buffer beam. The Museum is extremely grateful for their assistance and also for the financial contribution to the project made by several people.

The whistle was soon fitted to the front the cab-sheet.

The final piece of the jig-saw was the refitting of the nameplates and TH was ready for the event in Wales. Check the video to see how we got Townsend Hook out of the shed and on to the lorry.

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Gerry Cork & Amberley Museum & Heritage Centre July 2016