Townsend Hook's Boiler replaced
27 November 2013

In November last year we had a crane on site so the opportunity was taken to put the boiler back in the frames. TH was now beginning to look like a steam loco again.

The crane crossed over the tracks on some scaffold board some of which did not survive the ordeal!

The boiler was soon being hooked up to the crane ...

... and lifted from its resting place outside the tunnel.

The chassis was then moved into place by our Hunslet loco.

Final check for discarded tools.

The boiler was then brought forward in line with the track ...

... and carefully manoeuvred between the brake column and reverser lever. No, I'm not sure why we didn't leave these off until after this exercise, either. Maybe this was not an option because of the loco's design.

Finally, the boiler was lowered slowly into position.

Et voilą!! Let's hope all the bolt holes still line up.

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