Peter Restoration


Report on the progress being made with Peter (Bagnal 0-4-0ST WB2067/1918).

Please return for regular updates.

Early in the new year, with work about to start.

At the Mums Can Do event and Industrial Trains Day, Peter was placed at Brockham Station with a donations box which got us a few extra donations.

Peter outside the shed with dismantling beginning with the removal of the sand hoppers.

The tank was then lifted off ...

... using our very useful lifting gantry ...

... and safely stowed on one of our larger Hudson wagons.

In preparation for the boiler being lifted off, the cabsides and cladding were removed, with a bit of help from the diesel engineering department.

The smoke box was cleaned out and the blast pipe removed.

Here's the boiler awaiting collection by Andy Bennett.

That hiab looks man enough for the job.

The boiler was carefully placed on the lorry for transport to Somerset ...

... leaving us with just this bit (which, to be honest, also needs quite a bit of work, most of it to be done in-house to save costs).

(Above photos by Matt Sampford)

Then a good squirt with the pressure washer clears off all the accumulated oil, grease and other detritus ...

... making the job of dismantling that much cleaner.

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