Fund Raising for "Peter"
April 2021 update

As noted on our Home page, the auction of the model of Peter donated by Accucraft brought a very welcome addition to the fund to the tune of around £1350.

The Museum staff, trustees and volunteers are extremely grateful to Graham Langer and Ian Pearse of Accucraft for this generous contribution to our fundraising campaign.

“Peter” was built in 1918 by W G Bagnall of Stafford as a 3 foot gauge machine and went to work for the Canadian Forestry Corps at Longtown, Cumberland. After its use there ceased, Bagnall’s reacquired it, converted it to 2 foot gauge and then sold it on to the Cliffe Hill Granite Co in Leicestershire. There it worked until 1949 during which time the name “Peter” was acquired.

By the 1960s “Peter” was in the ownership of the Narrow Gauge Railway Society and became part of the Brockham Museum collection moving to Amberley when the two collections were amalgamated in 1982. “Peter” was restored to working order in 1993 and has been a mainstay of the Museum’s steam railway operation ever since, along with “Polar Bear”, another product of the Staffordshire company.

Work has been going on since Christmas 2018 when "Peter" was used on our Santa trains. The boiler repairs were completed by Bennett Boilers in Highbridge, Somerset. It came back to the Museum in September 2020.

It's not too late to help us so please consider making a donation.

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