Peter's Boiler Delivered

17 September 2020

The repairs to Peter's boiler are complete.

So a largish lorry, with hiab, arrived in the morning. The Museum is open to the public so gently does it.

The lorry reversed into position by the workshops.

The boiler was well secured for the journey.

Once it was delicately balanced under the hiab, the lift started ...

... and the boiler swung onto a pile of sleepers specially positioned for the job.

I don't think this needs a caption. Job done. Time for a cuppa.

Ancient & Modern. The departing lorry passes the Museum's Tilling Stevens petrol electric bus which dates from 1914.

The boiler then received a coat of aluminium primer to keep it safe from the ravages of the winter to come.

Thanks to PDG Machinery Serivices of Bridgewater for the expedicious delivery.

Is there a video? Of course there is

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