Polar Bear's Last Day
31 October 2010

Polar Bear has now been taken out of service with the expiry of its boiler certificate which will not now be renewed until major boiler work and other repairs are undertaken. This will obviously cost money and if you refer back to the Home page you will find details of our major appeal for funds to do this and details of how YOU can help.

But, just to remind you of happier days, here are some views of Polar Bear taken on her final day of service on 31 October 2010.

Polar Bear takes water at Brockham. How many volunteers does it take to water a loco? We seem to have a surfeit ....

... perhaps they just want their pictures on the website. Posers!!

Although it was raining, and the last day of the season, we had a reasonable number of visitors - all dressed appropriately.

Polar Bear departs from Brockham headed to Amberley. The new platform shelter can be seen on the left.

OK so the first coach was empty - but it was only 11 o'clock!

Polar Bear in the run-round loop at Amberley.

Awaiting another departure from Amberley - how many times have we done this? No, don't sit and work it out - we don't want to know. We're not THAT sad!!

Nearly time to go.

Just time to sort the fire out and clear the ash pan.

Fares Please!! (Actually the ride is free but of course if anyone wants to make a donation towards the cause then who are we to refuse them? All donations are welcome and, of course, much appreciated).

Thank you very much, sir!

Is this the end of the line? Well yes it is .... it's got buffer stops! Duh!!
But of course, we are confident that it will not be the end of the line for The Bear. Funds are already flowing.

All too soon it was the end of the day and we cleaned the tubes for the last time.

Yeah, I had to look twice but they're different shots.

Keith gets close up and personal with the tube brush.

It doesn't take long - this isn't a Brit you know!

Nearly done and then Polar Bear will be driven into the shed for the last time - well, for the moment anyway. Several of our fleet of diesels can be seen in the backfground - the Schöma and Hunslet plus the prototype Motor Rail 60S, MR11001.

Job done. Against a background of autumnal colours, Polar Bear waits for the final journey into the shed. We are confident that it will not be long before you can ride behind our favourite locomotive again.

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