Wendy to the rescue

Wendy (WB2091/1919), owned by the Hampshire Narrow Gauge Railway Trust, is now safely tucked away in the Amberley loco shed having arrived at the Museum just before Christmas.

Images are screen shots from the video linked below.

Thanks to the Trustees of the HNGRT for the loan of Wendy for the 2019 season to cover for Peter's absence while essential repairs are being carried out, and also to Danny Mears for the expedicious handling of the transport.

As always with steam locomotives of any size, some winter jobs have to be completed but Wendy will appear on the trains at Amberley early in the 2019 season. Come and visit.

Her arrival was recorded and is included at the end of the You Tube video of Peter's last day:

This link starts the video with the arrival of Wendy at the Museum gate.
If you want to see the whole video go here.

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