MR1381 - 100th Birthday celebrated

19 August 2018

Our August Petrol Locos Day saw us celebrating another centenary, that of the World War I petrol Motor Rail, which was built for use in the trenches but in the end, never actually got there.

Although not celebrating the exact day that the loco was completed, it was felt that our Petrol Locos day in August would be an appropriate day to make a cake and have a cup of tea. We were expecting it to be a fairly quiet affair but the reputation of our resident cake baker must have leaked out as Museum visitors turned out in force. Fortunately, enough had been made for everyone to get a piece.

Volunteers and visitors are eagerly waiting for the loco to appear.

Here it comes - hope they've got the kettle on.

As on all these occasions, someone had to make a speech - complete with gestures to emphasise the important moments in the loco's history (well that's my excuse anyway!)

Another masterpiece from Ann and Dawn ... who knew you could get army green coloured cake piping?

And then the moment we had all been anticipating - the cutting of the cake. This honour fell to Roger and Harry as it was their expertise with ancient 100 year old Dorman petrol engines which enabled this venerable lady to still be operating 100 years after it was built. It all got eaten - no surprise there, then!

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