The Monorail Project
January - October 2010

The Museum's Contractors' Monorail exhibit which has been demonstrated on the odd occasion - October 2008 Industrial Trains Day and the Photographic event in July 2009 being the two most recent - is to be set up on a permanent site. I suppose this is slightly ironic since the system was anything but permanent and was set up and dismantled as and where required. But then, we can't really do that - (a) we don't have the manpower and (b) we only have one place we can realistically lay it out.

The monorail skip being loaded with bricks for one of the "set pieces" at the 2009 photographic day.

The business end - the petrol engine powers a hydraulic drive system which drives both ends of the vehicle.

The small skip body sits between the two power units.

The rear hydraulically driven power unit.

The area between the pottery building and the railway has been cleared and levelled.

The main obstacle was the pottery wood store but this has been demolished by members of the RailGroup and is being rebuilt to provide a new store for our potter and also a covered area for the monorail skip to be stored when not in use. The framework of the new construction is at an advanced stage in this shot.

A view from the opposite direction.

At the beginning of April, the shed was being clad using corrugated iron sheets. They will not look like this when the shed is finished - it will later be trimmed to shape ....

... like this!

Wednesday 26 May 2010
We laid the track today

(Well most of it .... )

Starting by the path by Redcar Sidings

A sharp left turn by the turntable - still being installed

Up the slope bewteen the pottery chimney and the industrial railway

and through the new shed where the skip will be kept when not in use
(what IS Eric doing?)

Shed from the other direction

In this view the track starts to curve away from the railway

and through the trees towards the brickyard area.

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