Loco repaints

Summer/Autumn 2016

Three of our locomotives have received repaints this year.

First to be done was Wingrove & Rogers BEV No.5034. Nominally grey(ish) the paint was one we found at the back of the cupboard. It is very similar to the pale green used by Southern Rail on their buildings. But at least our trains run. Here is 5034 newly out of the paintshop (paintshop?! Who am I kidding?).

A few weeks later and signs of use are evident. And I told them NOT to scratch it!

BEV locos are very useful engines (where have I heard that before?). Here an attempt is being made to get the Thakeham Tiles Hudson Hunslet started in preparation for an event weekend.

5034 was replaced by "Redland", our Orenstein & Koppel MD1 loco OK6193. The original restoration was carried out by Redland Brick apprentices, hence its name. It was painted in Redland's "house" colours and so on repaint, it was decided to keep this livery. A sample was taken to our usual paint suppliers for matching.

Here's a shot of this side ...

... and here's one of that side.

Finally, the other large BEV, WR4998 was completed. This loco and 5034 have interchangeable battery boxes and for several years they have been running with each other's boxes which meant there was a grey-green loco and a green-grey one (no, don't ask which was which!). This was to even out the battery use as one gets used more than the other.

4998 is seen here at Cragside with its usual partner, the unpowered Wickham trailer probably on the last Sunday of the 2016 season.

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