Autumn Industrial Trains Day
18 October 2009

How do we do it? The weather again set fair for a railway event at Amberley.

The day saw the debut on the passenger train of James Smith's ex-Dean Hill Baguley-Drewry diesel hydraulic locomotive - 3751/1980. It seems to have been well received by all our visitors - well I didn't hear any complaints.

The train, formed of one of the Lydd bogies and the two Penrhyn quarrymen's coaches, leaves Brockham for Cragside.....

..... and comes back again.

Thakeham 4 - HE3653/1946 - poses outside the tunnel. It had been running but someone switched it off and a starter fault prevented its being restarted!

Steam was restricted to industrial trains today - Peter enters Brockham Station with an impressive display of steam.

HE3097 - which is the one with the MacLaren engine - arrives in Redcar sidings over the 3-way point.

Visitors can be forgiven if they think they are seeing double - our two Wickham cars are a set but are operated separately.

The Ransomes and Rapier enters Amberley loop with the skips.

And finally, as we had two steam locos running a double header just had to be run - so it was.

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Gerry Cork & Amberley Museum - October 2009
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