Hand worked wagons restored
October 2010

Some of our less glamorous exhibits - namely several small wooden hand pushed wagons mainly from the forestry industry, have been restored thanks to the skills of Brian Buck.

The first one we see is the Charlton Saw Mills wagon - which worked at said saw mill at Charlton, near Chichester. Although this had been in the open for several years, only one end had to be rebuilt and axle box spacers replaced.

The other three wagons to which Brian turned his attention were donated to us some years ago by Graham Feldwick (now Chairman of the Twyford Waterworks Trust). Much to our embarrassment, we rather neglected these interesting little wagons to an extent that most of the original wood could not be salvaged. However, pictures and measurements were taken and with newly acquired timber, the results of Brian's labours are very evident.
The wagons were used at a saw mill in Brandon, Suffolk.

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