Railway Gala Weekend

Sat/Sun 10/11 July 2021

After a year's gap in our event programme, we pulled out all the stops in 2021. Thanks to Pete Edgeler for some of the views.

The day begins with all the locos being checked and started. This view is of the Ransomes & Rapier being prepared for a bump start with one of the Hudson Hunslets doing the honours.

Soon the Ransomes was off down the line with a train of U-tubs, seen here approaching the Ranger Bridge.

The Baguley Drewry was on the "big" train on Saturday.

This meant that Peldon was on the train of Eastriggs wagons but won a promotion to passenger workings on Sunday.

The Ransome was seen later having a rest in the siding while a train of Hudson wagons prepared to make the trip to Amberley; a pause while we waited for O&K "Sonia" to clear the single line.

A short while later and the Hudson Hunslet was returning, past the Ranger Bridge, and on its way to Cragside. (And yes, the driver was enjoying himself!)

Several of our locos are from military sources; here are four of them. Hunslet HE8969/1980 is our go-to passenger locomotive for day to day operations; Peter Smith's Brush battery loco (two of these are used on Hythe Pier in Hampshire), the Wickham power car DW3403 and behind that, the World War I Simplex MR1381/1918 although it never actually went to war!

Finally, no Gala Weekend is complete at Amberley without a steam train. Here's Polar Bear arriving in Brockham Station with its train of Groudle Glen toast-rack coaches.

See you next year (Oh, don't forget Industrial Trains Day on 17 October 2021).

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