Railway Gala Weekend - 2014.

The Hampshire Narrow Gauge Railway Trust returned to the Museum with both their steam locomotives, Quarry Hunslet 0-4-0ST "Cloister" and Bagnall 0-4-0ST "Wendy". We are very grateful to for their support. And in case you haven't yet worked out the maths, this means that we had four steam locomotives in operation over the weekend.

Unfortunately, problems with the contractor tasked with the job of collecting Wendy and Cloister from their respective homes, Bursledon and Norden, saw us sweating a bit. Promises made were not honoured and at one point it was feared that the two visitors would not arrive at all.

But at around 9 o'clock on Saturday when, realisticly, the needle should have been well off the pin on both locos, the lorry arrived. Wendy was lifted off the lorry while Cloister waits on the other trailer in the background.

Wendy puts her wheels down on Amberley tracks again. Nice to see both locomotives return if only for the weekend.

The petrol engined Hibberd Y-type Planet is not often seen out and about but is a capable little loco.

Here it awaits departure to Amberley with the three Hudson flat wagons.

Later in the day, Polar Bear arrives at Cragside while Cloister waits at the head of the wagons.

The customery locomotive cavalcade took place and included our visitors. Cloister and Wendy share the limelight on the triangle.

Wendy gets steam up on Sunday morning. The long chimney extension is to improve drafting and speed up steam raising. Peter, one of the Museum residents, stands in the background

Cloister and Polar Bear being prepared for service on Sunday morning.

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Gerry Cork & Amberley Museum & Heritage Centre - June 2014