Cloister steamed
8 March 2009

The HNGRT's Quarry Hunslet "Cloister" (542/1891) which arrived at Amberley in January, was steamed on 8 March to give us a chance to run it around the system to check it for clearances - both on the track and alongside platforms - especially at Cragside which, of course, didn't exist last time Cloister was at Amberley.

Cloister gets up steam outside the running shed.

Things didn't start too well; she jammed on the frog of the first point out of the shed.
A deft nudge with the battery electric loco soon got her moving again.

A trouble-free trip down to Amberley then ensued and here Cloister approaches Brockham on the way back.

A careful approach to platform 1.

Gently through the platform.

After a successful trip to Cragside, Cloister takes the crossover to Platform 2.

Thanks to Peter Trinder for these shots.

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Gerry Cork & Amberley Museum - March 2009
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