Brockham Shelter Update
After a rather long (and cold) winter when painting work was impossible, work has restarted with the shelter being painted and the surrounding area fenced.

(Continued from the 2009 News Archive)

It was well into March before the weather had improved enough for painting to recommence. Brian Buck begins to prepare the surface for the first coat of gloss paint.

The preparation was thorough - but then Brian always does a proper job.

Eric Miller applies the first coat of green gloss to the interior.

The back of the shelter as seen when approached from the Pottery. Repainting of the Hove ticket office building is being undertaken by the Museum. It does look a bit tatty at the moment.

Fencing is being built at the same time. Robert Mitchell prepares one of the posts for painting.

Two views of the shelter taken late in June with the fencing now completed - it should be ready to use at Gala Weekend in July.

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