Autumn Industrial Trains Day
12 October 2014

Our last railway event for 2014 brought a revisit from Tony (Bredgar and Wormshill) who arrived with the Bredgar & Wormshill's very industrial Simplex (MR7037/1936) which, until the summer, had been hard at work at the Bolton Fell Peatworks in Cumbria.

At the beginning of the day Chris Mann's Schoma, "Jenny" waits with the first industrial train of the proceedings while the visitor waits in the siding for the line to clear.

Having collected its wagons from the siding, 7037 waits for its turn on the main line. The loco is in "as withdrawn" condition. The Museum's 60S, MR11001, lurks in the background.

Later on, after a trip round the triangle, 7037 is now facing the opposite direction. Now isn't this just how an industrial loco should look? I'm not sure whether the audience is impressed or not. They flippin' well ought to be!

(The loco's name, "Lyne", is taken from the name of a local river near where it worked in Cumbria).

More pictures of the loco working at Bolton Fell can be seen here .

(Photo by Pete Edgeler)
In the morning, the passenger train was hauled by our pair of Hudson Hunslet diesels, and very fine they sound too!

(Photo by Pete Edgeler)
I won't say that Peter was demoted to industrial trains since it is an industrial locomotive and is very much at home hauling works wagons. The next slot down the main line is obviously eagerly anticipated by Peter's crew.

(Photo by Pete Edgeler)
Orenstein & Koppel 4013, named after the owner's wife, Sonia, arrives at Brockham which should allow Peter to proceed.
The City of Chichester Hibberd, FH1980, ticks-over in the siding.

(Photo by Pete Edgeler)
As usual, an additional passenger shuttle ran from Brockham to Amberley using the Wickham trailer and battery loco WR4998.

(Photo by Pete Edgeler)
Between trains, members of the RailGroup find time for a little relaxation and chat. Recognise anybody?
Keep Schtum. No names, no pack drill!

(Photo by Pete Edgeler)
Our popular Driver for a Fiver paid dividends using, this time, the Ransomes & Rapier RR80 up and down the Cliffside line. Mike Bone offers some tips to the next victim/customer.

(Photo by Pete Edgeler)
Finally, Chris Mann drives his Schoma diesel hydraulic, Jenny, through Brockham on the way to Amberley.

Industrial Trains Days in 2015 are on 27 April and 11 October (in tandem with the Vintage event following the successful combination of the events this year).

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