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Townsend Hook work completed

TH Update

The cosmetic restoration of our Fletcher Jennings locomotive, "Townsend Hook" was completed in time for the loco to accompany the other 4 surviving Fletcher Jennings locos in the UK to Tywyn, home of the Talyllyn Railway, for the finale their 150th anniversary event.

Loco repaints

Locos have been repainted
Summer and Autumn 2016

Three of our locos have received repaints this year; they're looking very smart.

Cliffside line relaid

Cliffside line relay
February 2016

Some of the rail on the Cliffside line was a bit past its best so the decision was taken to relay this section of the Industrial railway.

Polar Bear will be going home

Polar Bear going Home
in Summer 2016

To celebrate 120th Anniversary of the opening of the Groudle Glen Railway, Polar Bear will be returning to the Isle of Man for two weeks in July and August.

Burt gets a new shed

Burt's Shed
January 2016

As part of the De Witt Kilns project, a new loco shed has been built to house "Burt", the standard gauge Motor Rail 9019/1951 originaly from Burt, Boulton and Haywood Timber, Erith, Kent.

Oh yes ... and there's this ...

Up and down the line with Polar Bear.

... and this ...

A bit of MacLaren action with HE3097. Turn the sound up!

Polar Bear's 2005 visit to Groudle Glen is now

Polar Bear's Centenary and the Isle of Man

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