Autumn Industrial Trains Day

Sunday 17 October 2021

Probably a bit too much emphasis on Simplexes this time but we also got Peter's boiler back on the frames.

First train o f the day was double headed from Brockham to Amberley to get the single line token in the right place.
The Wickham set waits in the other platform.

A well loaded Wickham train arrives at Brockham on its way to Cragside.

This gives a comparison between the two types of Simplex.

Train crew posing while they wait for something to happen. Several people have said how good this looks without its cab but this will go back on once the work on it has been completed. This may have been the only opportunity to see it topless.

OK4013 has just arrived from Amberley; the Chichester Sewageworks Hibberd is on the front.

MR1381, the "Bread Bin", announced its arrival in explosive fashion ...

... but then settled down to tick over awaiting for the road.

The Simplex eventually made it to Cragside and is seen here on the way back.

The Ruston Hornsby, RH187081, was one of the first locos to arrive at the Museum c1978.

Peldon passing on the passenger train catches the attention of our visitors (and some volunteers).

The video is here:

And then this happened ...

Follow this link to find out exactly what did happen!

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