Peter's boiler and frames reunited at last.

17 October 2021

During our Industrial Trains event, a HIAB equipped lorry arrived to put Peter's boiler back on the frames.

The strops were soon round the boiler ready for the initial lift.

And a large number of interested onlookers had congregated (gongoozlers in canal language, grokles if you come from the West Country apparently!!).

Soon the boiler was heading towards its final resting place.

This angle doesn't seem quite right.

The boiler is turned round to the correct angle ...

... before final adjustments are made to guide it into place.

... et voilą!!

A lot of the work has been done by our less senior Group members. It just goes to show that not all railway volunteers are old men with grey hair (and beards) and old rockband t-shirts (although some of us are!)

Thanks are due to Robbie Wilson Ltd for the loan of the lorry, and driver Mike Jeffs, for helping us get this job done (and all at the right price!).

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