Gala Weekend usually takes - no, I should say always takes the form of an intensive operation of our 304.8mm to the foot scale models along with an extensive display of model railways, society displays with trade support.

Here are some views of the 2004 Gala which featured Lister Rail Trucks - of which the Museum has two in its collection.

Graham Feldwick, who was instrumental in the organisation of the event, aboard his petrol engined Lister Railtruck, followed by his diesel engined example, heading a train of small Hudson wagons plus a rare Allen's of Tipton V-skip (second wagon in the train).

The Feldwick's 2-pot diesel engined railtruck was very smartly presented. We don't have one of these in the Museum's collection - so if you know of one up for disposal please get in contact!

Graham's petrol Lister again, during the afternoon locomotive cavalcade.

Peter Vallins on his Petter engined L9256 - built in 1937.

Another cavalcade view - of the Feldwick diesel engined loco.

Highlight of the Sunday afternoon was the operation of a quintiple headed passenger train using the 5 Listers - 3 visitors and the Museum's two locos. Here the five sail up the bank out of Brockham .......

...... and a little later returning from Amberley over the woodyard siding junction.

After a long period of dis-(and mis-) use, the second Wickham Railcar was run in full view of the public. The matching trailer has always been used as part of our passenger fleet for one-person-operation with the Wingrove and Rogers batery loco. The JAP engine had given us hours of head scratching until Harry Elliot from the stationary engine section sorted it out. It is planned to run the Wickham again this year.

Also debuting was Thakeham 5 which had been meticulaously restored by James and Peter Smith, the owners. This locomotive is of particular significance to the Museum as it used to work at Thakeham Tiles, who still trade at their yard on the other side of Storrington.

Our other local locomotive is Hibberd 80/1936 which worked at the City of Chichester Sewage Works at Appledram, south of the City.

The 2003 gala is here .....

Gerry Cork & Amberley Working Museum - July 2005
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