Relaying the Pottery Line.

The line behind the pottery was been there for about 20 years and has received little or no major maintenance since then apart from replacement of the odd sleeper. It has now been lifted, some of the less than perfect sleepers replaced with better ones.

Track lifted and the sleepers turned over to check their suitability for re-use.

The Museum's mini-digger was then used to dig out the old trackbed to level it ready for the track to be relaid.

With the rails now laid out and the fishplates greased and fitted, the arrival of the men with the impact wrench and the Big Hammer (not to mention the track gauge) will soon see the job finished.

The rails look a bit wobbly here but no spikes have yet been used to keep it in place - hence the red flag.
Nigel seems to have lost something.

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Gerry Cork & Amberley Museum - March 2013

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