The Amberley Footplate Experience in action

The course tutor is John Stanton.

First a quick trundle around the industrial line and triangle.

Slowly through the facing points.

John explains the workings of the steam injectors.

A short pause at Redcar Sidings

Our trainee prepares to take Peter up the Pottery line.

Through the 3-way point .....

..... and back again.

This is followed with a bit of practice with some wagons.

And it's important to keep the fire going too.

Out on to the main line - of course we have a longer line available now. Peter awaits the passenger train to clear the single line to Cragside.

To round off the day our two pupils climbed aboard Cloister for that souvenir photo opportunity.

More satisfied customers.

The pictures from the original course can still be viewed HERE.

The Museum's Official Website is here.
Gerry Cork & Amberley Working Museum - October 2012
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