Special Photographic Charter

6 July 2009

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From left to right - "Wendy" (WB2091/1919), "Peter (WB2067/1918) and vistor "Armistice" (WB2088/1919) pose for the cameras outside the loco shed.
Photograph by David Williams

The main problem with inviting several locomotives to an event is cost. There are the transport costs to consider, subsistance costs for the crews and a myriad of other small incidental items which have to be covered. It was to this end that the idea was formulated of holding a special event for photographers at the Museum. Ideally this should be when the Museum is closed to the public so that the needs and requests of the participating photographers can be met without interruption.

To attract the greatest possible number of interested parties, David Williams, a photographic charter organiser, was contacted and he was keen to help and publicise the event to his existing clients. David is well versed in the organisation of similar events at other railways.

However, we expanded the concept to include other sections of the Museum and in the end we had three display areas to re-create the industrial railway scene of yesteryear. The scenes were at the quarry face above the railway line at the east end of the pit, a woodyard scene complete with steam crane and circular saw bench, and a road making scene which although slightly away from the railway was popular with the photographers with the road roller, brick crusher, pneumatic drills and the contractors' monorail system.

The event, although the first ever organised by the Museum, was well attended and, I am pleased to say, popular with the photographers. Hopefully it won't be the last.

Now here is the gallery of photographs.

Gerry Cork & Amberley Museum - April 2009
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