Peter Progress since the boiler lift

November 2021 to April 2022

Thanks to a kind donation of a canvas shelter from Keith Greenfield of the West Sussex Woodturners, we were able to continue working on Peter throughout the winter in a modicum of comfort.

The frame was easily erected ...

... followed by the walls and roof. Some heaters were also installed.

Progress being reviewed by several volunteers who, let's face it, probably only came in to get warm.

The regulator handle was soon attached and strict instructions issued.

Some work still had to be done outside - like getting the old paint off the chimney, but it was soon inside with a fresh grey undercoat.

The painting of the rest of the frame and motion was completed and a new mechanical lubricator fitted; this is a luxry we have not, hitherto, enjoyed on this locomotive. Rumour has it we're also getting a new whistle!

At the end of April the wagon with the tank on it was shunted under the gantry and the tank lifted clear.

The rest of the loco was drawn forward under the tank which was then very gently lowered onto the top of the boiler.

The tank has landed. Mind the new paint!

Progress for all to see.

Three years hard work; we feel that at last our goal is in sight.

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