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Peter's Santa Swansong

Peter's last puff of steam
December 2018

Peter's last duties before overhaul.

Motor Rail Simplex MR11001 overhaul

MR11001 overhaul
January 2018 onwards

Overhaul of the 3-cylinder Dorman engine is on-going but not without difficulty.

We celebrate another 100th birthday - with even more cake ... !

Peter Celebrations
August 2018

Our August Petrol Locos Day saw us celebrating another centenary, that of the World War I petrol Motor Rail, which was built for use in the trenches but in the end, never actually got there.

We celebrate Peter's 100th birthday - with cake ... !

Peter Celebrations
July 2018

At Gala Weekend we celebrated Peter's centenary with a birthday cake and launched the Just Giving campaign to raise funds for the overhaul needed on expiry of the boiler certificate later this year.

A story of Peckett worksplates

Peckett plates
July 2018

We made a discoverythat the Peckett worksplates in the Museum collection were not what they seemed. How did that happen? You are about to find out.

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