Relaying in Amberley Station

March 2012
The original track in Amberley Station had started to show signs of its age so in the early part of 2012 the opportunity was taken to replace it with heavier steel sleepered track.

We were a bit low on other newsworthy items in 2012 with our main focus being on Polar Bear's restoration but we thought you might like a few videos instead.

We'll start with this:-
Industrial Trains Days

Spring - April 2012
Thanks to Brian Ross for this one.

Autumn - October 2012
In fact, there are two videos, one taken by our own volunteers and one posted on You Tube by Peter Gasser of YellowdorProductions. (His is actually twice as long as ours!)

All three play well on full screen. Oh - and turn the sound right up ... wake up the neighbours!

Our Santa event was a great success with most days being fully booked.

Here is a short You Tube video of Peter hauling the Santa train:
(Again, watch it in full screen HD with the sound turned up!)

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