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Santa Funday Snow

December 2009

U-skips acquired

November 2009

Autumn Industrial Trains Day

18 October 2009

Building of the Brockham Platform Shelter

To complement the Hove Ticket Office building on Brockham Station, a small shelter
in the same style is being constructed on platform 2.

Cloister's Ticket Expires

19 August 2009

Peter returns to service

(For the full story of Peter's restoration
please go here.

Woodyard Siding checked

In preparation for the Photo Charter in July, test trains have been run down into the woodyard.
Sunday 10 May 2009

Spring Industrial Trains Day

26 April 2009

New batteries for the grey BEV.

22 April 2009

Cloister on the passenger train.

22 March 2009

Relaying Redcar Sidings - Part 3

March 2009

(Part 1 can be found in the 2008 news archive
Part 2 - see link below.)

Cloister - test steaming

8 March 2009

Cloister arrives from Kew

25 January 2009

Relaying Redcar Sidings - Part 2

January 2009
(Part 1 can be found in the 2008 news archive)

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