Railway Gala Weekend
11/12 July 2009

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From left to right - "Wendy" (WB2091/1919), "Peter (WB2067/1918) and visitor "Armistice" (WB2088/1919)
in the late afternoon light at Redcar Sidings.

The weekend of the Railway Gala was mixed as far as the weather was concerned. On the Saturday it drizzled for most ot the time although this did not seem to put off the most determined visitor and overall the day went well.

The sequence of trains on the line is now well established and apart from a bit of improvisation when it was found that the two passenger rakes had been stabled in Brockham blocking access through to Amberley, nothing differed this year.

The resident and visiting locos all took their turns on the passenger and industrial trains. Polar Bear, as usual, kept up her half of the service with the usual efficiency.

The Sunday afternoon rounded off the event with a triple header on the passenger train using the three Bagnall saddle tank locos.

Now here is the gallery of photographs of Gala Weekend 2009.

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