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Final 2018 Special Railway Event

Autumn Industrial Trains
Sunday 21 October 2018

Second bite of the cherry in case you missed the Spring event.
Steam, diesel, petrol and battery locos out and about featuring our eclectic collection of passenger and industrial rolling stock. Plus, demonstration runs with the Road Machines contractors' monorail.

You can download the list of steam dates for 2018.

Note: Operation of steam trains is subject to the availability of locomotives and appropriately qualified volunteer crews.

If you are coming to visit us, you can purchase your entry tickets on-line via the Museum website.

Peter Repair Fund launched

Peter fundraiser

At Railway Gala Weekend in July, besides the 100th birthday celebrations, we launched our Just Giving campaign to fund the extensive repairs now needed for our Bagnall locomotive Peter (WB2067/1918) once the 10-year boiler certificate expires later this year. Although it is unlikely that a completely new boiler will be required, the amount of work necessary will still be expensive.

Peter will continue in service for the remainder of the 2018 season, including our Christmas openings, with the final fire being dropped after service on 23 December 2018.

Peter has been a popular attraction at Amberley since 1993 and with your generous donations it should not be too long before he is in front-line service once again.

We hope it is not too presumptuous of us to thank you in advance for your generosity.

Our very own FAQ - what do you do in the winter?

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The Way We Were

Brockham Museum 1982
Brockham 1982
Arrivals, construction and restorations
Amberley 1988
Amberley 1989 - consolidation
Amberley 1991 - 1992
Amberley 1993 style

These links will take you to a series of slideshows of the Museum's railway as it was when we were all a lot younger!
The chronology should be about right but if you spot any glaring errors or inconsistencies, then please let us know.

Thanks to Richard Cossey for the loan of the photographs from the Brockham Museum, the 1982-85 and 1988 sections.

And there's this .....

A Grand Day Out - RailGroup fashion .....

A Grand Day Out

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The Amberley Museum Railway Stock Book.

We regret that the stock book is currently out of print. You may find one on Ebay - or even in your local second-hand book store.

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